Aikido is a Japanese martial art based on principles of peace and harmony.

As a martial art it can equip us with tools to deal with all sorts of challenges we encounter in our daily lives. We gain useful strategies to deal with bullying, it helps with issues of confidence and self esteem, co-ordination, effective and efficient movement, self management and disciplined learning.

The partnered exercises and interaction in class encourage greater participation and help people relax in activity together.

In training we gain a better understanding of one’s space and balance and we are better equipped to judge situations which are good for us.

We learn what it is to be centred so we can easily focus and gain in effectiveness.

Founded in the early 20th century, by Morihei Ueshiba, this makes aikido a modern art. Ueshiba was a man who mastered many marital disciplines, but came to the realisation that no matter how proficient he became there was always the possibility that one day he may meet someone who could defeat him. In aikido he looked to develope an art which moved away from defeating others towards an art striving for victory over the self, where everyone involved benefits. It is an art which teaches us how to blend and harmonise in conflict, where balance is maintained, coming to peaceful resolutions.

It is the meeting and movement of different forces combining to become something new. It is this approach to conflict which sets aikido apart from other martial arts.