Join for a course in Aikidoaiki-presence

Shifting into Harmony

Saturday 23rd February – 10-12pm & 1 to- 3pm

Sunday 24th February 11 – 2pm

Clougher Road Sports and Community Centre, Clougher Road, Dublin 12.

Join us in a practice to explore aikido as an art of balanced relationship of harmonious connection.

Contact Fiona by email, or call/message on 00353862335826



Aiki Extended 2018 – Burwell


You are invited to participate in a festival of aikido, where we will explore the principles of aikido both on the mat, but also by participating in various workshops that explore how these same principles can be used in off the mat situations or in related arts. You will be able to benefit from the knowledge of over 20 teachers, coming from many countries, and varied aikido backgrounds plus a few other related disciplines. Between them the knowledge is simply vast. It is a rare opportunity to explore different aikido traditions and to see the big picture of what aikido is all about.

For the festival Fiona Mc Auley will do a presentation called, Aikido as a Whole-Body System. 

‘At the Aiki Extended 2018 aikido festival I will give a class on aikido as a whole-body system, utilising the balance of the body to give us focus. As we learn about balance, we learn how to align in balance as we move and work with others.

In this class I will give you simple and practical ways to use the body in it’s full form and will illustrate how this is effective with the principle of harmony in aikido. With our attention on the balance of our body we learn to how to adjust our movement to stay in alignment and harmony as we move with others.

This class leads to greater awareness of our physical body and consequently affects us mentally bringing balance and harmony to the mind too.

This class is part of a series of classes which are called Aiki Presence which utilises the tools inherent in aikido to bring harmony to our daily lives. For more information on myself and my aikido training please see my website.”




Mindful Man 18

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