Aikido Now Summer News 2018

Aikido classes are being scheduled for September.. hoping to return to the Helena Walsh Voice Studio in Templebar, Dublin on Monday evenings and may perhaps run a second class elsewhere in Dublin.
A class is also in the process of being set up in my home village of Dunshaughlin, Co Meath.
Here are two courses coming up.
Aikidojo Leiderdorp in the Netherlands are running a memorial course for Henry Kono sensei on the first weekend of September. Esther Van der Voort,  Martijn van der Nat and myself will give classes.
The group in Leiderdorp are great at accommodationg people in their homes. If you have interest in travelling to the course let me know in advance or follow the link to message Wouter and he will look after you.
I have put myself forward to do a presentation at the Aiki Extended Aikido Festival in Burwell, Cambridge, England on the 14th to 16th of September. I took part in the seminar a couple of years ago and was impressed with the line-up of teachers from all around the world.
This year I plan to give a class entitled “Aikido as a Whole-Body System.” Pleas
e see details here Courses

Mindful Man 18Again if you have an interest in going over to the course, you must register on their site. The course is run adjacent to a hostel and this is where the majority of people stay and meals are provided. Quentin Cooke is organising te event, he will look after you.

Recently, at the beginning of the summer I took part in the Mindful Mann Festival on the Isle of Mann. There is a fantastic community of people involved together putting various types of mindfulness/well-being work into action. This was a festival on mindfulness and as such there were speakers on the subject, yoga teachers, a sufi teacher and myself on mindfulness and movement.
At the festival I gave a keynote on aikido and mindfulness. My thesis on how aikido relates to mindfulness is that in activities such as ours when we get down to finer details of what we are doing we need to have a very good awareness of our thinking because our thought affects the outcome consciously or unconsciously. Please see the event here and have a look at other activities that they are running.
All the best Fiona