Aiki Presence


Aiki Presence is a series of classes which comes from the wisdom of the martial art of Aikido, a discipline based on a principle of peace and harmony.

In this course we utilise the tools inherent in aikido giving us a practice to enhance ourselves both mind and body.

The practice of aikido brings us naturally into the present. The nature of the principle of aikido means that we are dealing with an unfolding process on a moment to moment basis. In this process we align in balance as we include the energy or force provided by our partners movement.
In aikido we learn to stay in alignment as we apply the principle of aiki to our movement while we incorporate the movement of those we work with.

This is a practice of being comfortable with change. It means adjusting our position to allow for the other. It means allowing the outcome to unfold as we are open to a different outcome because our partner has brought something additional to the equation. It means allowing our ideas to evolve to one of the mutual benefit of balancing the whole.

One of the tools which aikido helps us to develope is being centred and we all have this ability. Aikido practice helps us to consciously be centred and focused, so these qualities become part of the fabric of who we are. Our actions are balanced and the harmony it brings, permeates all areas of our lives and relationships.

In aikido training we learn by way of process-based learning, adding to our practice daily, using the tools we take away from class to shift into a centred balanced place, making our lives easier and successful.

Week 1. Relaxed easy movement: We are fluid and flexible in the body moving with ease and efficiency.

Week 2. Tapping the present: As we learn to bring ourselves more and more into the present moment we open ourselves up to the creative space of the now. In this space we become familiar with seeing our actions unfold in the present.

Week 3. Body centred movement: We build a practice of focus and attention letting go of our distractions and opening our space up for what we want to bring into our lives.

Week 4. Befriending conflict: In class we work in partnered exercises, this helps us get used to working with the conflicting and unpredictable actions of others so that we are familiar with change and the random nature of life. As we continue our practice we become grateful for these learning opportunities, accepting it as a chance to work and improve.

Week 5. Clear mind: We gain awareness of how our thinking affects us on all levels. We see the benefit of quietening the mind so our actions are clear and balanced.

Week 6. Harmonious action: Harmony starts with knowing balance in ourselves, in our mind and body. When we are in harmony we affect the world in ways that is of benefit to all.


Aiki Presence Cork 2018

A Course in Aiki Presence in the Helena Walsh Voice Studio